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Why LotusCMS Superior?


We make our website using LotusCMS, a CMS we developed with current and updated technologies, an efficient tools, SEO friendly, clean responsive design, secure, and easy to use

SEO Friendly

Every web page created using LotusCMS automatically generating JSON-LD, Opengraph, and twitcard data. By including those data, the Search Engine will read and index your web content better. It also increase the chance your website will get better position on search result.

Responsive Design

Lotus Bali Web always keep up with the current best practice, whether its the design part or data processing. Every website we build comply with Mobile first rules, which mean we prioritize mobile layout alongside desktop layout since mobile user nowday increase significantly.

Trusted and Secured

Every website we made that hosted on our cloud was equiped with SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt® to guarantee the website security as well as trusted by search engine. Also, every form available on our web page is protected with Google Captcha® to avoid spam.

Easy To Use

LotusCMS have a simple and easy to understand user interface (UI). Its adopting block system design to manage its front end layout so it will be able to produce a website with dynamic layout design even though it is operated by a non technical users.


Our promise

Fast Access

Imagine if website is a brochure or catalogue your business. It will be easier and faster to get your business information via website.

24/7 Service

The website services that we manage can be accessed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with 99.99% up-time ratio

Trusted Supports

Every request and/or problem encountered in related with our products can be discussed interactively with our support team

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Why Lotus Bali Web

What made Lotus Bali Web better? What is LotusCMS? Why using Lotus Bali Web services than other similar service providers?


The website that we designed will always keep up with the latest technology standard best practice and also will be adjusted with the user requirements. In contrast to other CMS-based websites (Content Management System) that tend to waste a lot of its resources, the websites we build and develop utilize the latest technology and security standards. Websites that are widely developed today and sold by similar service providers mostly using instant CMS that is wasteful of resources when accessed (require more bandwidth, too many unnecesary concurrent request, etc). We develops our own CMS with the name LotusCMS to cover up the shortcomings in terms of this resource management so that it is faster, more efficient and more effective while being equipped with the latest technology and security.


The website created should be lead to a specific market target in accordance with the company business plan and goals. A website that is too general will provide a biased understanding, both for the search engines and also for the visitors. In contrast, websites that are too narrowed/ undynamic will complicate their ability to grow further. Lotus Bali Web will provide solutions with specific tips that can be implement to balance the above issues so that your online investment will be in line with your expectations/ company goal. LotusCMS is equipped with modules that serves to facilitate the users so it will be fun and easy when interacting with and managing their website from LotusCMS dashboard.

who we are?

About Lotus Bali Web

Lotus Bali Web is a professional web design and developer located in Nusa Dua - Bali, Indonesia. We have been in website development field since 2007. Lotus Bali Web provides a professional website development package as well as web maintenance that aims to make it easier for you to grow your business online, giving access to the latest technology to your team through LotusCMS, and accelerate the growth of your business. Lotus Bali Web also provides consulting services and IT solutions, SEO optimization services, and online marketing consulting.

Lotus Bali Web also provide special services for you who want to optimize your business via websites. We also provide consultation and frequently asked questions about internet marketing for you who are involved in online business. In addition, we also offer advertising services on Google and Facebook to increase the number of views / conversions on your Facebook page or your website. We also have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) package services so that your website get the first position in the first page of Google search result with the most searched and relevant keywords about your product.