Our Services

Lotus Bali Web will provide you with special tools to grow your business online. We also provide consulting services and will tried our best to answer all your inquiry about internet marketing for you who run an online business.

Web Design

We design and develop professional websites. Our web package you can choose which is, Standard, Professional, Business, and Custom Package.

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Web Maintenance

Professional web maintenance, management and administration services to ensure your website stay updated, running and also safe.

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SEO Consulting

Let us analyze your website contents, measure its performance so your website can get a better rank on google search index.

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Online Marketing

Lotus Bali Web's online marketing service is focused on increasing sales on your site by promoting products/ services on your website on various popular sites.

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Web Design and Development

Do you run a business? Does your business cannot be found on the internet?

If your business cannot be found on the net, than its means the business you manage is not yet known by the public. In this digital era, information regarding well-known individuals and/or companies can easily be found using internet, either through social media or the official sites of these people or companies.

If you look further, do you know the purpose of peoples who accessing websites? Generally, people use the internet on they journey to find an information, any information that related with their interests. Yes they are looking for information, just like what you are doing right now.

By utilizing a website, the delivery of information about your company, your products and/or services that you want to broadcast to your customers/ future customer become easier and way faster.

Website Package
Web Maintenance

Nowadays there are many websites that are not maintained, these websites tend not to change and even some of its pages have errors, scripts failures, data expired, and so on. Over time, data from a website both image files, documents, videos and other supporting files will increase. With the increase of these data usage, it is necessary to check and validate them to make sure your website working.

By utilizing Lotus Bali Web maintenance services, you can benefits the efficiency in terms of costs and also eliminate the need to hire full-time professional website administrator staff. We always strive to provide the best service for you. With our web maintenance service, we are ready to manage your website directly so that you will feel as if you already have your own IT staff.


Why SEO important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for a website. More and more people are looking for goods, services, or information through Google to get relevant information according to their needs. Applying SEO will become even more important when you want your webpage to appear on the first page of Google search index when someone searches for product or service you offer. Mostly, people who are looking for goods or services through search engines are prospective customers with urgent status. By optimizing SEO on your website, you have the opportunity to get potential buyers worldwide.

Online Marketing

We will leverage your visibility on the net by promoting your website to various popular sites. Lotus Bali Web's online marketing service is focused on increasing sales on your site. Unlike SEO that focused on popularizing your site, online marketing or known as Internet Marketing is a method that is focused on the purpose of being able to increase sales targets in your business. This service includes Ads Promotion, which utilizes Google Adwords, Social Media Ads, which is a promotion using Facebook and Instagram, as well as Email Marketing, namely promotional media using the email blasting method.