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6 reason why you need to have a website!

In general, a website can be interpreted as a information medium that can be accessed anywhere anytime 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for a full year.
Here are some basic reasons why you or your company need to have a website:

  1. Improve Your Business Image
    Website is a professional representation of your business. By having a website, your business will look more reliable and trustworthy. In addition, when it viewed from customers prospective, the professionalism and the business confidence level will be reflected on how well your website is made. This will indirectly instill trust in the customers point of view or customers prospective so they can increase sales and company profits.
  2. Non stop access
    By having a website, all information including company info, products, services and other information can be accessed by your prospective customers or client at any time. The website will be always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  3. Efficient and Budget Save
    Imagine if the website is a brochure or catalog of your business. By having a website, you will be able to cut some of your marketing cost on printing/ brochure making, etc. besides making access to information easier and faster than using printed media.
  4. Dynamic and Economic
    By using website, promotion and marketing will be way more effective, and better to promote your product and/or service. If its feel necessary to make revision or make changes to the contents of your online promotion, you can just change it instantly. It's different from marketing using printed media, which will require another costs for reprinting job.
  5. Your competitor has a website
    Consumers usually analyze the products or services they want to buy through a short online research, either through search engine or social network.
    The study from www.pardot.com about Buyer's Journey states that once consumers get an idea of the products and/or services they need or expect, they will begin their search and educate themselves about these products and / or services. 75% of them will search online, either through Google or other search engines, through reviews and testimonials, or other supporting information.
    So, if you or your company is not competing, then you give a good reasons to your potential customers not to buy from you.
  6. Wider Audience and Target Market
    If you are running an old-fashioned business, your customers are only limited to people who already know what and where your business is. Or they just pass through your business location every day, hear it from other people, or know from brochures or your advertisements in a hard printed media. This audience is very narrow because it is geographically limited. But, once you open a website and use it, your audience immediately develops significantly, its internet users worldwide. This market share includes billions of people. Indeed, most do not find your business on the internet, but the potential is there. And the costs for these significant results are not large and the time needed to achieve them is not as much as when you run your business in an old fashioned way.


Here are some of our website packages that we offer to you as a brief so you can adapt to your business needs.

Basic Package

LotusCMS basic website package is great for personal use as well as for company profiles website. Good for starter for exploring the online world or as a brand ambassador for your company. This package is equipped with features that can make your work easier.

Profesional Package

LotusCMS professional website package is perfect for companies and businesses who want to have a website with the best additional tools, so it will help in online marketing and open up new opportunities in growing their business to a higher level.

Business Package

LotusCMS business website package is perfect for companies / businesses who want to have a website with various tools and excellent features. This package is highly recommended for middle end businesses (and up) who want to build a Company Brand/ business class website with SEO ready and online marketing setup.

In addition to the website packages above, Lotus Bali Web also specifically develops hotel & villa websites, as well as websites for tour & travel with a booking module and online payments support that can accept Paypal and Credit Cards payment.

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